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The HDMI Video Capture Card with Audio is a device that records video and audio from HDMI sources onto a computer. It's known for high-quality performance and typically connects via USB. It's compatible with various software for capturing and editing, and some models support live streaming. Here are some key points about it: HDMI Input: The capture card has an HDMI input port where you connect the video source from which you want to capture content. Audio Input: It also supports audio input, typically through the HDMI connection, but some models may have additional audio input options like 3.5mm audio jacks or optical audio. USB Connectivity: Most HDMI capture cards connect to a computer via USB, allowing you to capture and record video directly onto your computer's storage or stream it online. Video Capture Quality: The term "high quality" suggests that the capture card is capable of capturing video at high resolutions and frame rates, ensuring sharp and smooth footage. Software Com

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    It sounds like you're referring to a device or software called "Easy Capture Normal." This could be a capture card, software, or another tool used for capturing video, audio, or other media content from external sources such as cameras, VCRs, or gaming consoles. If you have any specific questions about Easy Capture Normal or need assistance with it, feel free to provide more details, and I'd be happy to help!

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